Our hearts and minds are 100% focused on financial inclusion.

We are a community of financial experts, bankers, engineers, marketers, creatives, designers, geeks, gamers, athletes, visionaries and more; a persuasive team of innovators with huge dreams and unique talents.
We are a group of startup lovers who want to change the world, and will get it done!

Let's write the Stori together!

This is our Stori


Everything started in 2019 when a team of regular people like you and me, with tons of talent and experience in banking and technology, decided to work together and aim towards a huge dream:

Provide financial inclusion to more than 400 million people in LATAM who have been neglected or turned away by traditional banking institutions.

This inspired Bin and Marlene to gather a team of talented innovators, and started a new journey filled with opportunities and created a tech-based startup that trusts people, empowers better experiences and new stories.

We turned the "no" from the traditional bank to a "yes" with STORI.

our founders

Our passion

We love to make the impossible possible, to share our best version of ourselves with energy and passion to get things done, always as a team. We work hard to bring down barriers and create a product that inspires us everyday. We love our product and are proud to share it with everyone, especially with those who have dreams and goals, those who search for new stories and opportunities to make them a reality.

Our mindset

There are no formulas or blueprints that tell us how to make things happen, but there are dreams and goals that set us in motion to achieve our goal of spreading financial inclusion for more than 400 million people in LATAM.

We know. We care. We do. We act.

This is why Stori is a special destination for those who are passionate about our mission. Together we move Stori to the limits and beyond.

For us, for you and for everyone.

Our values
1One for all and all for one

We are all important players of a team that is rapidly growing . A team that shares the same Stori, and respects each other's values ​​and ideals. A group of talented people that walk the same path, our similarities and differences don't set us apart, they empower us and our community.

We are a team that gives it all and doesn't play safe or sit on the sideline!

2Our voice matters

We express, listen and ask questions from a genuine and honest perspective.

When we have something to say, we say it openly and with determination. We appreciate everyone's opinion and praise their achievements.

We are always open to changing our mind. Raise your voice!

3Teamwork rules

We show up in every call, meeting, and project. Collaborating in a group solves problems and brings people together. Feedback is always welcome, this is how we make our work better and come together as a team.

We face challenges, and although we may fail from time to time, we always move forward!

4You do you, Stori too

Each STORIAN is unique and has their own dreams, aspirations and perspectives. That is why your talents, experiences and all of our contributions are valuable to the team.

Thanks to you we are a better place.

Always remember, you are what you do!

5We never stop

Accept changes and move forward with purpose and direction, this is what defines us. Just like our products, we are always improving.

Bold, innovative and fearless of change. This is what drives us forward.

6Our DNA: learning and solving

Curiosity defines us. We are a team that constantly looks for innovation and solutions. We think, breathe and live by this.

We love what we do and that is why we love our work.

7We always think outside of the box

We are a community of open-minded, analytical and innovative people. We create from our own STORIes, this is how thinking outside the box happens.

Always question the status quo!

8We are all-star players

We are driven by an enormous passion and love for our work, no hesitation.

There are no excuses! We are champions.

This mindset leads us towards better results, new objectives and to enjoy the challenges that come with changing the world at Stori.

Let's play Storians!

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